Dennis Stroughmatt

et L'Esprit Creole

"So enjoyed you concert today at Dickson Mounds State Museum! You all came highly recommended!" 

K. Conner

Nov. 2018

What Are People Saying About Dennis Stroughmatt et L'Esprit Creole?  

"Hello Dennis and L'Esprit Creole.  Thank you for such an amazing performance in Eureka on Oct. 6th!  I had only positive comments about it, which is unusual since there are always those that say it is either "too loud" or "couldn't hear the narratives", etc.  We had quite a few new people and many senior citizens in attendance and you pleased them all.   It was great meeting the three of you and I hope to hear you all again someday." 

Sincerely, K. Finley

Sunburst Community Service Foundation Eureka, MT

Oct. 2017