"Bon Cabinet" 13 songs include 

Bon Cabinet 

Marianson Dame Jolie 

Rossignol Sauvage 

Valle Winters Waltz 

Buron (Biron) 

Charlie Pashia's "Schottish du Pere" 

Grandmere se Plainte 2022 

Prairie du Rocher Motion 

......and more 


CD's are $20 each shipped.  Purchase via PayPal with credit cards or a PayPal balance.  For orders by mail send to: Dennis Stroughmatt, 201 East Elm Street, Albion IL 62806. Shipping takes around 6-7 days after purchase depending on if Dennis is on tour or at home.  Thank You! 

Dennis Stroughmatt

et L'Esprit Creole

IT's TIME: The new 2022 release "Bon Cabinet: French Creole Fiddle Tunes and Ballads from Old Upper Louisiana, Volume 4" is here!!  Live concert releases will be held in Vincennes and Lafayette, IN, Old Mines MO, and later in Illinois. 

I would also like to acknowledge that this CD is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.  Order Below!!! 

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