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Cadet Rouselle           Released  2008    

French Creole Fiddle Tunes and Ballads from Old Upper Louisiana         Volume II     SW6210

Its here.  As soon as everyone bought Vol. 1, they asked "when is Vol. 2 coming out?" So here it is.  Filled with more traditional tunes from the French Midwest, this cd will be hard to describe as only an "historical compilation." Mining the library of songs Dennis learned in the Old Mines and Vincennes area, this cd has fresh takes on old songs like "Cadet Rouselle," "Marie Madeleine," "J'ai Faite une Maitresse," and blazing fiddle tunes as learned from Roy Boyer and Charlie Pashia.  This cd will hopefully make you want to dance, speak a little French, and start hunting chickens for your bouillon. Special guests include Wade Bernard, Blake Castille, and Rob Krumm. Includes a 16 page animated booklet by Jennifer Stroughmatt.  *Warning,* this cd is not just for folklorists......

Sound Samples for Cadet Rouselle


The Gambler's Fiddle            Released 2006                               

French Fiddle Tunes and Ballads from Old Upper Louisiana
Volume 1

Available on Swallow Records, this is the cd Dennis had been waiting to make for 16 years.  This album is French Creole music from the "Illinois Country." It contains fiddle reels, ballads, waltzes, and a story (told entirely in Illinois Creole French) that Dennis learned in Old Mines, MO.  Containing 17 tracks and over 16 pages of info and lyrics, this cd is a must buy if you want to hear the music of this wonderful culture.  Dennis carries the torch of upper Louisiana Creole music to another generation. 

Morris Ardoin with Dennis Stroughmatt
Le Tracas de Morris

12 traditional Louisiana African Creole songs performed acoustically on accordian by legendary Creole musician Morris Ardoin.  Creole fiddle master Dennis Stroughmatt accompanies on fiddle and vocals, along with guitarists Blake Castille, D'Jalma Garnier, Rick Lagneaux, Ray Brassieur, and Dexter Ardoin on Triangle. 

If you would like to hear samples of any of this music, please go to www.flattownmusic.com and search Dennis Stroughmatt or Morris Ardoin.  CD's can be purchased from this website by mail order with check or money order.  Just send $17 to Dennis Stroughmatt (cd+s/h) at 201 East Elm Street, Albion IL and indicate the cd(s) you would like.  For all credit card orders, please refer go to www.flattownmusic.com.